Saturated fats and heart health.

Saturated fats and heart health.
In June of 2017, he again directed a saturated fat warning for global media. The reason for this was the review of the American Heart Association, published in the Journal of Blood Circulation of Dietary Fat and Cardiovascular Disease. We have already mentioned this (coconut oil improves intestinal inflammation, section “Coconut oil in the main titles”).

The headlines said that coconut oil was bad for the heart or, in general, unhealthy and harmful. In circulation, however, this was not legible. Quite the contrary. It only existed that Overnight Lean Keto coconut oil compared to polyunsaturated fats could raise the level of cholesterol and, therefore, discouraged coconut oil. It is also clearly stated that one does not know how coconut oil affects cardiovascular risk because there are no clinical studies available.

Instead, two studies in particular were mentioned. One of them was from 1995 and was carried out with a huge capacity of up to 28 people. If we mention this study as evidence of this or that, it means that such an old study with a few participants was not representative.

The second study is that of 2016, which we have already mentioned in the previous text (coconut oil improves intestinal inflammation) as evidence of the safety of coconut oil. Because it says that the population of the countries of origin of the coconut has always consumed a large quantity of coconut products, without any adverse effects on cardiovascular health being noticed. The problem does not lie in the coconut itself, but in the rest of the food; This is quite different for people who eat a lot of coconut, among other things, from people in the western world.

Carcinogenic Steam

Carcinogenic Steam Electronic Cigarettes
In the early years, electronic cigarettes were openly advertised in Germany as a “healthy alternative” to traditional tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars. After all, the user inhales only steam and no harmful degradation products of the combustion process as in the glow stems, so the arguments support.

But just because the contaminants are evaporating and are no longer burning, they are not considered harmless or “healthy.” The vapor of the electronic cigarette not only contains magnum trt water vapor, but also nicotine, which is also known to be an antidote against other harmful substances such as propylene glycol, diacetyl and many others, whose exact effects are not yet known.

At least for propylene glycol, known short-term effects on the respiratory system. However, what can be done in the body in the long term can not be investigated due to the lack of long-term studies.

The World Health Organization warned of harmful electronic cigarettes since 2008
The World Health Organization has warned against the use of harmful electronic cigarettes since 2008, first because it was not possible to provide accurate data on possible harm to health.

Meanwhile, there are many indications that electronic cigarettes are not healthy at all. On the contrary, because steam apparently destroys body cells and causes cancer and also smoking in a conventional way.

Recent studies show that, under laboratory conditions, free radicals can be detected in highly vaporized reactions. These in turn lead to changes in the cells, a prerequisite for the development of cancer and many other chronic diseases.

Many cancer researchers, including the renowned Dr. Martina Pötschke-Langer of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, have joined WHO warnings about toxins and the potential long-term harm to harmful electronic cigarettes.

The new law prohibits electronic cigarettes for teenagers.
For this reason, it is prohibited to sell electronic cigarettes and shisha (electronic water pipes) to minors. So far, the Juvenile Protection Law has regulated the prohibition of the sale and consumption of tobacco products, which do not include electronic cigarettes.

On the contrary, this also means that children and teenagers can easily buy and use electronic cigarettes. The scandal, the hardware among professionals is not only harmful to health, but also as a lower level medication.

Caffeine destroys the herbal

Caffeine destroys the herbal efficacy and reputation of high quality supplements
Instead, they are actually harmful supplements, that is, the preparation of energy or the “healing” of plants, such as. B. Preparations of Yohimbe, a tree whose husks treat effective treatments in traditional folk medicine in Africa. Approximately 30 percent of them were yohimbe preparations, which resulted in severe symptoms in children after occasional ingestion.

UHM can also cause disorders in the heartbeat, seizures, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. in adults, so we do not call it a dietary supplement, but a medication.

The situation is similar to energy products. These also contain drugs, a caffeine substance. Especially in children, Trialix the high caffeine content sometimes in these products can cause heart problems, breathing, convulsions and other problems, so those seeking energy products, for example, need protective packaging for children.

Every 21 seconds a call to the emergency center for poisoning due to medications.
By the way, the same research group had published a few weeks ago a study that read: Every 21 seconds, someone in the United States is called poisoning center for serious problems due to the use of drugs.

Therefore, while poisoning dispensers include three-minute calls for medications, there are not even three calls per hour to supplement: “supplements” are the incorrect term here, where the narcotic is likely to be incorrectly calculated as a complete defamation supplement of the product range.

While dietary supplements were specifically targeted at the accidental ingestion of caffeine-containing products or sexual enhancers of children because parents could not safely place them in front of them, there were direct harm to medications in the group of patients involved, for example, because he was wrong in the dose. He made a mistake in financing or took the money twice without realizing it.

Even these mistakes will not be detrimental to the most complete supplements. If you take 4, 8 or 12 tablets of chlorella, whether you are taking a spoonful of rice protein or 2, or take 1 or 3 capsules of probiotics, you will not feel any negative effects, at least not those that scare you in the middle of contact poisoning control.

Also, with drugs, not only diseases caused people to answer the phone. A third of reported drug errors led to hospitalization, particularly because heart use and analgesics accounted for 66 percent of drug-related deaths.

The nutrients for the health of your hair.

The nutrients for the health of your hair.
The best nutrition for a healthy hair is the excess of base, complete, rich in silicon, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and iron and has an adequate amount of proteins.

Other important nutrients are antioxidants, trace elements and vitamin A.

If you are already regularly incorporating the following foods into your diet, your hair can receive everything you need:

Nuts and seeds
Green leafy vegetables
Root vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, carrots, etc. white
The onions
Winter squash
Black pepper
The seaweed
The following foods should be avoided as Keto Blast much as possible to improve hair health:

Food and sugary drinks.
Finished products
White flour products
Foods made of highly processed fats.
Highly processed animal proteins (sausage, cheese)
Only use soy products moderately
For specific hair or scalp problems, a comprehensive capillary health program should be implemented.

Here is a detailed description of a comprehensive treatment for hair:

Nine measures for healthy hair

The holistic treatment of hair is not only for hair loss, it can also be a true title, but also for any problem in the hair and scalp.

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The amazing healing power of olive leaf extract.


The extract of olive leaves is obtained from the leaves of the olive tree, a sacred tree of the Greek gods. For thousands of years, the olive tree is indispensable for the nutrition of the Mediterranean peoples. The health benefits of the wonderful fruits, Tevida which are pressed by the finest olive oil, are well known. But who among you knows the healing power of olive leaves? Did you know, for example, that olive leaf extract contains powerful antioxidants, antibiotics, antivirals, fungi and parasitic effects and that it can prevent many diseases in this way or even treat it?


Olive leaf extract from the trees of the biblical era.

The olive tree has grown since the fourth millennium before Christ. Chapter used by humans. Olive oil mainly as food, Tevida CANADA olive leaves as a treatment.


On the other hand, the olive leaf extract came late to natural medicine, but it is more dramatic.


Only the fact that olive trees can live more than 1000 years in areas of little rain and in a prolonged dry season shows the strength of the thorny trees.


Use olive leaf extract.

Allow the soil, the roots of the olive can wander up to 6 meters deep, so that the effects of water can also be added to the leaves and fruits.










Aluminum in vaccines threatens our brain.


According to the latest scientific study, aluminum in vaccines is no longer considered harmless. Metal is clearly associated with autism and Alzheimer’s disease. More than that, Trialix now there is a new name for autoimmune diseases (“ASIA”), which U. A. Through assisted vaccines like. Aluminum can be operated. We have summarized the latest findings on the effects of aluminum on vaccines.


The first mercury, now aluminum in vaccines.

For years there have been heated discussions about mercury in vaccines. Some scientists said that autism and many other health disorders can be the result of exposure to mercury. Of course, some Trialix CANADA studies financed with a barn from hand to hand that “proved” the “safety” of heavy metal were quickly made.


However, independent studies have concluded that heavy metals injected directly into the body can be dangerous. Protests from stakeholder groups and parent associations eventually led to the elimination of mercury from vaccines. But now it uses aluminum, so that only one cm replaces the other.


Aluminum improves Alzheimer’s disease

In a study published in July 2013 in the Journal of Immunohistochemical Research, two scientists, Tom Tulinovic and Christopher Shaw, investigated by the Canadian University of Neurophysiology of British Columbia (toxic to the nervous system) of aluminum in humans and animals in different terms.





The alkaloids can be toxic but also treat

The alkaloids can be toxic but also treat
Many alkaloids have very positive and desirable effects on the body, that is, on serious diseases. For example, morphine relieves pain, quinine is used in the treatment of malaria, atropine is used to treat asthma, enriches cancer treatment and we have already reported some wonderful capsaicin found in cassava.

Of the many working methods of different alkaloids, there is a wide range of applications in medicine, where there is still much to discover. In the case of Pyrrolizidinalkaloide, although no obvious health effects are known, there are grasshoppers and butterflies, which Keto blast specifically take Pyrrolizidinalkaloide to get rid of the parasites. Since parasites can also be a major problem in humans, a similar effect on our bodies is obvious, so small amounts of alkaloids, such as those taken with herbal tea, may have a protective effect against parasitic infections.

In addition, it is necessary to assume that the alkaloids in combination with all other plant materials, biomaterials and minerals found in the plant and tea have a different effect than the isolated form. For example, it is also known that microscopic algae contain substances that can be insidiously harmful, but are not present in algae, where other substances can completely compensate for any potentially harmful effects.

The amount makes the tea is not a sama.
At this stage, it should be kept in mind that many traditional medicinal herbs have a strong therapeutic effect, be it alkalis or other plant substances, and should not be taken in large quantities or permanently (for example, cloves, tea, snifty tea or tea). chamomile). Anyone who is ill and wants to support the healing process with medicinal plants can already do so with up to 3 cups of herbal tea, which is drunk daily, but not more than two weeks.

For pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children, however, special rules apply. Like caffeine, other alkaloids can cause harm to the fetus or the baby born from conception. Therefore, only medicinal herbs should be consumed under the supervision of a therapist.

If you do not want to give up a cup of tea a day, you can simply resort to a more moderate tea. Among the best-known actors of the z. B. Nettle, rose petals, mallow, lime blossom, lemon verbena, hemp leaves, etc. A variety of herbal blends invite you to explore and identify many varieties. Because those who regularly move between tea with different ingredients, do not risk excessive intake of certain substances.

Five tips against hair loss

Five tips against hair loss
Hair loss should not be accepted implicitly. From a variety of natural tips against hair loss, we choose five different things for you. Whether in Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, organic sulfur or targeted stress control, read our five tips on hair loss, how natural remedies can combat hair loss.

Five tips to fight hair loss.
Although hair loss does not hurt, it still exerts great pressure on luxury, especially in the emotional aspect.

Hair loss can be directed and treated successfully, with knowledge of the cause of hair loss. However, finding this Trialix reason is not always easy. In addition, there is not always a doctor who can dedicate patience or sympathy to the problem.

The natural treatment of hair loss offers a very good solution here They have no harmful side effects and not only focus on hair loss, but on the whole person.

The holistic concept of hair loss.
Choose among the following tips that you like and that you can easily implement.

It is ideal if you apply these measures as part of the general concept of hair loss. The holistic concept of hair loss is described here: Natural treatments for hair loss

Or here: 9 treatments for hair loss.

Tip 1: MSM against hair loss.
MSM means methylsulfonylmethane or organic sulfur. Sulfur is a rare ingredient that provides sensitive skin, strong nails and healthy hair. If there is no sulfur in the diet, hair health can also suffer.

The hair contains a protein called keratin. If the body wants to produce keratin for healthy and strong hair, it needs organic sulfur. If there is not enough sulfur, the skin will not lose its elasticity, but the nails will become brittle and the hair will be brittle.

If there is hair loss, the body can recover much better if it is supplied with enough organic sulfur (MSM). Hair can not grow back hard, but it will also have more volume and a healthy glow.

MSM can be taken internally with tablets or capsules. But there is also the possibility of external use, that is, MSM gel.

The external application of MSM was the subject of a 2009 Korean study. Here, MSM was applied together with a 7.5% magnesium solution on the affected skin with hair loss.

This treatment showed the same results as a treatment with 5% minoxidil solution (for example, Regaine), at least in mice.

It is known that Minoxidil works alone while using the product. Put it on, make the hair fall or even harder than ever.

Tip 2: Chinese medicinal plants against hair loss.
In traditional Chinese medicine, hair loss Trialix Canada is associated with liver and kidney problems. Therefore, the concentration of some Chinese hair loss treatments strengthens these organs.

This happens with three special healing plants:

Goji berries (Lycium barbarum),
Black berries and
Knotgrass (Persicaria affinis or Polygonum affine).
Since not only is hair loss, but many other complaints are not possible, if the liver and kidneys are fine, taking care of our hard working detox machines is worth it several times.

Information about liver cleansing can be found here: cleansing the liver

Gujari is sometimes referred to as the healthiest berries in the world. It comes from China and has many more vitamins and minerals than most other fruits and vegetables grown.

The carotene content of the goji berries is higher than that of the carrots, and the vitamin C content is higher than that of the orange and its antioxidant effect should be more than one hundred times the density of the broccoli.

Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation

Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation and promotes leakage in bowel syndrome
In July 2017, the results of the French were reviewed by a team of researchers from Gerhard Rogler, a specialist in diseases of the digestive system at the University Hospital of Zurich, they confirmed. In the journal Gut, the researchers wrote that titanium dioxide accumulates in the cells of the intestinal mucosa, then they become acute inflammatory processes, and contribute to the increased secretion of free radicals in the intestine, and so both leads to an alteration in the barrier of Gethealthyfreedom mucous membranes (Hasty gastrointestinal canal syndrome) or to increase such. In addition, you can find a higher concentration of the substance in the spleen, where it seems that you would prefer to store them.

When examining blood samples taken from patients with ulcerative colitis, it was not there at the beginning of any clear TAITANIA. It was not until the blood samples again during the batch were detected high levels of titanium dioxide.

Therefore, scientists suspect that titanium dioxide can cause an increase in people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Of course, according to Rogler, the final evidence is still pending. However, the right patient is advised to avoid foods that contain titanium dioxide.

Avoid the best titanium dioxide.
Those who do not want to wait until the final directory should (in our opinion) – even if they do not have chronic inflammatory bowel disease – Avoid the best titanium dioxide. In the vast majority of cases, do not have foods containing titanium dioxide provided between healthy and recommended foods, so you can finally get a benefit from this procedure.

In order to check your list of food ingredients, medications, food supplements, candy, chewing gum, cosmetics, and then replace those containing titanium dioxide with safe alternatives. In the case of medications, ask your doctor to prescribe the preparation without titanium dioxide.

In the EU, it is also necessary to classify products using nanotechnology. In Switzerland, consumer protection associations are also calling for this action. May 2017 should also be here, but there Gethealthyfreedom is a transitional period of four years, so you can rely on the commitment of the plaster match in 2021.

However, the announcement of titanium dioxide provided – either as the second titanium oxide, such as E171 or CI 77891. Therefore, always look at the list of ingredients of supplements, medicines and cosmetics and dietary foods .

How to strengthen and support the body’s ability to eliminate toxins in order to re-titanium stored dioxide can start up, should say: detoxification completely

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