“These studies highlight the

“These studies highlight the importance of a high quality diet and arrive at the right time in the context of the findings of the recent National Nutrition Survey 2018, in which HPP recently participated.

Dr. Annie Ling, Director, Policy, Research and Surveillance Group, HPB. “While Singaporeans consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as the replacement of unsaturated fats, high levels of sugar and sodium remain important,” the survey showed. Encourage Singaporeans to pay attention to the food they choose and the quality of their diet. ”

Some digestive cells delay metabolism, accelerating cardiovascular disease

Over millions of years of development, this efficient use of energy has provided an essential advantage: when food is scarce, organisms are stored instead of burning some of  vexgen keto the energy ingested and survive longer.

“Now that food is plentiful, this energy saving mechanism can be counterproductive and lead to unhealthy results,” Swirski explained.

Sawerski’s research can finally shed light on how to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and other related diseases in humans. The first step is to determine the number and differences of natural IELs in people and then answer the key questions. Do people with low IEL receive protection against cardiovascular diseases? Can IELs reduce their risk?

“Looking to the future, we need a better understanding of the role of IEL in metabolism,” Swirski said. “We also need to know if the therapeutic orientation of IELs in humans can be a cure for obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

Meanwhile, liposuction is a

Liposuction: Every year 250,000 times in Germany.

Since the 1970s, generally in the course of plastic surgery, he sucked fat. After the first liposuction, once severe contusions occurred in Italy in relation to the patient, this lasted several weeks with blue and black legs in life, and now the process has been very refined.


Meanwhile, liposuction is a simple surgical procedure, with 250,000 people treated each year alone in Germany and 750,000 in the United States.


The intervention is by no means Keto Viante dangerous despite its popularity. Every 10 liposuction should cause problems. In Germany alone, five deaths are expected each year due to complications after liposuction.


The longing for the perfect body.

Longing for an attractive appearance, without having to be particularly active to yourself, obviously the risk of fading out of liposuction. Women need less belly, smaller legs, more severe, less fat on the upper arms, while men prefer to remove their double chin or beer belly.


With costs starting from € 2,500, you must depend, depending on the number of liters of fat in the number of areas of the body that must be eliminated.


If you want to travel, you can also remove grease from Poland, Czech Republic or Romania.


There it only costs half, and who also has problems with them, can fill a loan application online with the appropriate agents and pay the amount recovered in installments.

Chiva and lisinin are harmful?

Chiva and lisinin are harmful?
The eggplant family includes tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, chiles and potatoes. These vegetables are generally considered very healthy. However, in February 2018, the American medical book appeared, which believes that these vegetables are “bad”, among other things, because they contain the so-called lutein. If one eliminates delicious vegetables and some other foods that contain alkene from the diet, you can get rid of many chronic diseases, so promise it. It’s okay?

What is the eggplant family?
The eggplant family (Solanaceae) is a family of plants of one hundred plant species. These include mainly Prache cream ornamental plants (such as the petunia or trumpet angel) and wild plants, some of which are clearly toxic, such as black eggplant, belladonna or pang. However, some of the sources are also found among human food plants:

The tomatoes
Red pepper
Chili pepper
Physalis (Andean berries)
How is it suddenly considered that sleeping vegetables are harmful?
In fact, for a long time there have been miserably good voices for the eggplant family. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the founder of the anthropologist, advised not to abuse vegetables. Especially because it was thought that the potato was unfavorable. Until the root of the plant (for example, radish or carrots) stimulates mental growth, it is a tuberous thing that was not entirely at the root and therefore promotes a more materialistic mentality. On the other hand, the soul does not get more food. Other delicious vegetables were also considered very harmful for mental development.