Aluminum in vaccines threatens our brain.


According to the latest scientific study, aluminum in vaccines is no longer considered harmless. Metal is clearly associated with autism and Alzheimer’s disease. More than that, Trialix now there is a new name for autoimmune diseases (“ASIA”), which U. A. Through assisted vaccines like. Aluminum can be operated. We have summarized the latest findings on the effects of aluminum on vaccines.


The first mercury, now aluminum in vaccines.

For years there have been heated discussions about mercury in vaccines. Some scientists said that autism and many other health disorders can be the result of exposure to mercury. Of course, some Trialix CANADA studies financed with a barn from hand to hand that “proved” the “safety” of heavy metal were quickly made.


However, independent studies have concluded that heavy metals injected directly into the body can be dangerous. Protests from stakeholder groups and parent associations eventually led to the elimination of mercury from vaccines. But now it uses aluminum, so that only one cm replaces the other.


Aluminum improves Alzheimer’s disease

In a study published in July 2013 in the Journal of Immunohistochemical Research, two scientists, Tom Tulinovic and Christopher Shaw, investigated by the Canadian University of Neurophysiology of British Columbia (toxic to the nervous system) of aluminum in humans and animals in different terms.





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