Caffeine destroys the herbal

Caffeine destroys the herbal efficacy and reputation of high quality supplements
Instead, they are actually harmful supplements, that is, the preparation of energy or the “healing” of plants, such as. B. Preparations of Yohimbe, a tree whose husks treat effective treatments in traditional folk medicine in Africa. Approximately 30 percent of them were yohimbe preparations, which resulted in severe symptoms in children after occasional ingestion.

UHM can also cause disorders in the heartbeat, seizures, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. in adults, so we do not call it a dietary supplement, but a medication.

The situation is similar to energy products. These also contain drugs, a caffeine substance. Especially in children, Trialix the high caffeine content sometimes in these products can cause heart problems, breathing, convulsions and other problems, so those seeking energy products, for example, need protective packaging for children.

Every 21 seconds a call to the emergency center for poisoning due to medications.
By the way, the same research group had published a few weeks ago a study that read: Every 21 seconds, someone in the United States is called poisoning center for serious problems due to the use of drugs.

Therefore, while poisoning dispensers include three-minute calls for medications, there are not even three calls per hour to supplement: “supplements” are the incorrect term here, where the narcotic is likely to be incorrectly calculated as a complete defamation supplement of the product range.

While dietary supplements were specifically targeted at the accidental ingestion of caffeine-containing products or sexual enhancers of children because parents could not safely place them in front of them, there were direct harm to medications in the group of patients involved, for example, because he was wrong in the dose. He made a mistake in financing or took the money twice without realizing it.

Even these mistakes will not be detrimental to the most complete supplements. If you take 4, 8 or 12 tablets of chlorella, whether you are taking a spoonful of rice protein or 2, or take 1 or 3 capsules of probiotics, you will not feel any negative effects, at least not those that scare you in the middle of contact poisoning control.

Also, with drugs, not only diseases caused people to answer the phone. A third of reported drug errors led to hospitalization, particularly because heart use and analgesics accounted for 66 percent of drug-related deaths.

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