Meanwhile, liposuction is a

Liposuction: Every year 250,000 times in Germany.

Since the 1970s, generally in the course of plastic surgery, he sucked fat. After the first liposuction, once severe contusions occurred in Italy in relation to the patient, this lasted several weeks with blue and black legs in life, and now the process has been very refined.


Meanwhile, liposuction is a simple surgical procedure, with 250,000 people treated each year alone in Germany and 750,000 in the United States.


The intervention is by no means Keto Viante dangerous despite its popularity. Every 10 liposuction should cause problems. In Germany alone, five deaths are expected each year due to complications after liposuction.


The longing for the perfect body.

Longing for an attractive appearance, without having to be particularly active to yourself, obviously the risk of fading out of liposuction. Women need less belly, smaller legs, more severe, less fat on the upper arms, while men prefer to remove their double chin or beer belly.


With costs starting from € 2,500, you must depend, depending on the number of liters of fat in the number of areas of the body that must be eliminated.


If you want to travel, you can also remove grease from Poland, Czech Republic or Romania.


There it only costs half, and who also has problems with them, can fill a loan application online with the appropriate agents and pay the amount recovered in installments.

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