The alkaloids can be toxic but also treat

The alkaloids can be toxic but also treat
Many alkaloids have very positive and desirable effects on the body, that is, on serious diseases. For example, morphine relieves pain, quinine is used in the treatment of malaria, atropine is used to treat asthma, enriches cancer treatment and we have already reported some wonderful capsaicin found in cassava.

Of the many working methods of different alkaloids, there is a wide range of applications in medicine, where there is still much to discover. In the case of Pyrrolizidinalkaloide, although no obvious health effects are known, there are grasshoppers and butterflies, which Keto blast specifically take Pyrrolizidinalkaloide to get rid of the parasites. Since parasites can also be a major problem in humans, a similar effect on our bodies is obvious, so small amounts of alkaloids, such as those taken with herbal tea, may have a protective effect against parasitic infections.

In addition, it is necessary to assume that the alkaloids in combination with all other plant materials, biomaterials and minerals found in the plant and tea have a different effect than the isolated form. For example, it is also known that microscopic algae contain substances that can be insidiously harmful, but are not present in algae, where other substances can completely compensate for any potentially harmful effects.

The amount makes the tea is not a sama.
At this stage, it should be kept in mind that many traditional medicinal herbs have a strong therapeutic effect, be it alkalis or other plant substances, and should not be taken in large quantities or permanently (for example, cloves, tea, snifty tea or tea). chamomile). Anyone who is ill and wants to support the healing process with medicinal plants can already do so with up to 3 cups of herbal tea, which is drunk daily, but not more than two weeks.

For pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children, however, special rules apply. Like caffeine, other alkaloids can cause harm to the fetus or the baby born from conception. Therefore, only medicinal herbs should be consumed under the supervision of a therapist.

If you do not want to give up a cup of tea a day, you can simply resort to a more moderate tea. Among the best-known actors of the z. B. Nettle, rose petals, mallow, lime blossom, lemon verbena, hemp leaves, etc. A variety of herbal blends invite you to explore and identify many varieties. Because those who regularly move between tea with different ingredients, do not risk excessive intake of certain substances.

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