The amazing healing power of olive leaf extract.


The extract of olive leaves is obtained from the leaves of the olive tree, a sacred tree of the Greek gods. For thousands of years, the olive tree is indispensable for the nutrition of the Mediterranean peoples. The health benefits of the wonderful fruits, Tevida which are pressed by the finest olive oil, are well known. But who among you knows the healing power of olive leaves? Did you know, for example, that olive leaf extract contains powerful antioxidants, antibiotics, antivirals, fungi and parasitic effects and that it can prevent many diseases in this way or even treat it?


Olive leaf extract from the trees of the biblical era.

The olive tree has grown since the fourth millennium before Christ. Chapter used by humans. Olive oil mainly as food, Tevida CANADA olive leaves as a treatment.


On the other hand, the olive leaf extract came late to natural medicine, but it is more dramatic.


Only the fact that olive trees can live more than 1000 years in areas of little rain and in a prolonged dry season shows the strength of the thorny trees.


Use olive leaf extract.

Allow the soil, the roots of the olive can wander up to 6 meters deep, so that the effects of water can also be added to the leaves and fruits.










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