“These studies highlight the

“These studies highlight the importance of a high quality diet and arrive at the right time in the context of the findings of the recent National Nutrition Survey 2018, in which HPP recently participated.

Dr. Annie Ling, Director, Policy, Research and Surveillance Group, HPB. “While Singaporeans consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as the replacement of unsaturated fats, high levels of sugar and sodium remain important,” the survey showed. Encourage Singaporeans to pay attention to the food they choose and the quality of their diet. ”

Some digestive cells delay metabolism, accelerating cardiovascular disease

Over millions of years of development, this efficient use of energy has provided an essential advantage: when food is scarce, organisms are stored instead of burning some of  vexgen keto the energy ingested and survive longer.

“Now that food is plentiful, this energy saving mechanism can be counterproductive and lead to unhealthy results,” Swirski explained.

Sawerski’s research can finally shed light on how to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and other related diseases in humans. The first step is to determine the number and differences of natural IELs in people and then answer the key questions. Do people with low IEL receive protection against cardiovascular diseases? Can IELs reduce their risk?

“Looking to the future, we need a better understanding of the role of IEL in metabolism,” Swirski said. “We also need to know if the therapeutic orientation of IELs in humans can be a cure for obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

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