Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation

Titanium dioxide promotes inflammation and promotes leakage in bowel syndrome
In July 2017, the results of the French were reviewed by a team of researchers from Gerhard Rogler, a specialist in diseases of the digestive system at the University Hospital of Zurich, they confirmed. In the journal Gut, the researchers wrote that titanium dioxide accumulates in the cells of the intestinal mucosa, then they become acute inflammatory processes, and contribute to the increased secretion of free radicals in the intestine, and so both leads to an alteration in the barrier of Gethealthyfreedom mucous membranes (Hasty gastrointestinal canal syndrome) or to increase such. In addition, you can find a higher concentration of the substance in the spleen, where it seems that you would prefer to store them.

When examining blood samples taken from patients with ulcerative colitis, it was not there at the beginning of any clear TAITANIA. It was not until the blood samples again during the batch were detected high levels of titanium dioxide.

Therefore, scientists suspect that titanium dioxide can cause an increase in people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Of course, according to Rogler, the final evidence is still pending. However, the right patient is advised to avoid foods that contain titanium dioxide.

Avoid the best titanium dioxide.
Those who do not want to wait until the final directory should (in our opinion) – even if they do not have chronic inflammatory bowel disease – Avoid the best titanium dioxide. In the vast majority of cases, do not have foods containing titanium dioxide provided between healthy and recommended foods, so you can finally get a benefit from this procedure.

In order to check your list of food ingredients, medications, food supplements, candy, chewing gum, cosmetics, and then replace those containing titanium dioxide with safe alternatives. In the case of medications, ask your doctor to prescribe the preparation without titanium dioxide.

In the EU, it is also necessary to classify products using nanotechnology. In Switzerland, consumer protection associations are also calling for this action. May 2017 should also be here, but there Gethealthyfreedom is a transitional period of four years, so you can rely on the commitment of the plaster match in 2021.

However, the announcement of titanium dioxide provided – either as the second titanium oxide, such as E171 or CI 77891. Therefore, always look at the list of ingredients of supplements, medicines and cosmetics and dietary foods .

How to strengthen and support the body’s ability to eliminate toxins in order to re-titanium stored dioxide can start up, should say: detoxification completely

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